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Bottle Shop

Think of our bottle shop as your own beer fridge, only we have 1,000 bottles to choose from. Create your own mixed six-pack with the beers you want, when you want them. Want six different IPAs? You got it. How about six dark beers? Deal. How about a different style of beer for each day of the week? We can do that. See, variety truly is the spice of life.


With over 1,000 bottles to choose from, your take-home sixer just got a whole lot more interesting. Mix and match from our selection of beers to get the exact mix and match of brews you’re looking for. Whether you just love variety or you’re looking to please an entire crowd with one six-pack…we’ve got you covered




Nobody likes paying too much for something they love, and we couldn’t agree more. Our prices on bottles big and small are in line with the market and we’ll never charge more than we truly think a beer is worth.


After dinner or on your way to a friend’s house, our bottle shop is quick and easy to get in, grab your beers, and get back to life. You can take as little or as long as you’d like picking out your beers, it’s all up to you.